Friday, 24 February 2017

Perhaps The Least Required Blog Post Ever

I wanted to do a lot with the day. I really did.  But it started with a plan that was really about taking my mum out for lunch. Which became lunch in a cafe in Wales. Which I had to sell everyone on doing. Then my mum wasn't so good but everyone still wanted to go. Not exactly a day wasted but not my most productive day either. There was even some good weather whilst I was out which meant I should have been able to spray paint the last of the cars.

So Sunday is still about airsoft so tomorrow is going to be spent prepping for that first and foremost. The plan is also looking like it will involve a trip to go shopping. This means I will get to go to a few game shops. Maybe some more cheap cars.

With all that said and done, the number of posts I have made so far this year equals the total number of posts

With a bit luck I'll find some of the stuff on my wish list. Zombies may figure on that.

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