Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Laser Cut terrain

When I got the counters from Blotz I also ordered some laser cut terrain. Nothing too big. I don't mind doing the buildings myself. In reality, I get something closer to the floor layout I want even if I don't always get the look.

What I was thinking was more about ET-Com. There are certain things that I need that are much easier and quicker to buy. The biggest problems were going to be around the UFOs. I am not trying to duplicate what is in the games but I am trying to make something that looks alien enough. I already have a few bits and pieces. I have been buying stuff for years but there are still some gaps. This seemed like a good time to do something about that.

These will do nicely as alien storage crates both in and out of the alien's UFO. It's just more cover and obstacles for the players to get around. There are some larger ones as well in a different set. All told, this is probably more alien storage crates than I need, but then I think you can never have enough of stuff like this, just in case

I am not sure what I will do with these but I thought they looked nicely alienesque. I am currently thinking that I could cover each of them with a clear plastic tube and some sort of lid. The plan is to make them into some kind of power supply unit. I still need a UFO and some UFO wreckage so one of these might end up as a wreckage marker.

I also got some more mundane bits of dress up terrain. I have some already but I figure on you never have enough. Benches and bus shelters were available so I thought it couldn't hurt and they were fairly cheap as well. The booth, well I am not sure what that is going to end up as.

Still can't shake this inner ear thing. I am beginning to think it's not going away for a while. I still feel pretty drained most of the time and I thought I was over and done with it. I am still getting dizzy every now and again. I am just not moving too fast at the moment, just in case.

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