Monday, 13 February 2017

Counters For Savage Worlds

I play Savage Worlds a lot. Back in the day, when I was using 15mm a lot, I used painted washers. White for Shaken, red for each wound. For 28mm, I have been using poker chips but these are just too big and often get in the way. They make great Bennies though. I have thought about using wooden 2p bases and spraying them. I have tried it but they tend to wobble just a little bit. Anyway, referee for the game I am playing has found something else.
These Markers are from Blotz. Not quite perfect but close enough. I have red wounded markers and white shaken markers. Something for fatigue might have been nice but I don't use them much so can get away with not having them.  I have a few other markers that I am going to use for ET-Com/X-Com. I would show them but I have plans for keeping things secret.
They are £1 for 5

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