Saturday, 4 February 2017

ET-Com Grenades And Combat Equipment

For the most part I have been trying to keep myself busy today. I was hoping to go to Varpnartak tomorrow but it looks that is off. Whilst I am a lot better, the prospect of getting to York seems a little daunting at the moment. So I have started spending money online to make up for it. Some stuff for Savage Worlds in general, conversion bits and some stuff for ET-Com. It's probably going to save me some money but I like going to shows. Looking at pretty pictures and not having a sneaky burger is a bit of a downer.

Just to prove to myself that I haven't been completely idle, I thought I'd better put something on display. Having produced some details on weapons for the game I have been planning, I thought it was time to go onto the other starting kit available to the team. With the Savage Worlds stats as well. I have also been looking at sorting out some more background for the game as well.

The G1 Grenade – High Explosive is the newly adopted standard anti-personnel grenade used by ET-Com. It’s design varies little from traditional hand grenades although it is a little larger to allow for an enhanced charge. All agents and soldiers are trained in it’s use. A projectile is also available for the X8 Bomber.

The more advanced G2 Grenade – Armour Shredder is a more advanced design. It does significant damage in it’s own right, it is designed to damage armour over damaging it’s target. The only soldiers trained in the use of this grenade are heavy weapons experts. It is not currently available as a hand held grenade but a rocket prepared variant is currently in our inventory.

The G3 Grenade – Smoke is the classification for both L83A3 and M18A2 smoke grenades. It is used for screening movement and denying the enemy line of sight. These are standard issue smoke grenades for a number of countries and decision was taken not to reinvent the wheel. All agents, security, police and soldiers are trained in it’s use. A projectile is also available for the X8 Bomber.
As an alternative to using the taser, the G4 Grenade – Stun Grenade was developed. It works in the same manner as a conventional flash bang grenade but with a significantly higher charge. This means that it is capable of damaging targets but also means that, if it performs as expected, it will be able to render aliens unconscious. Obviously it is unlikely to effect robots or targets with suitable protection. Using it on humans has potentially lethal consequences. All agents and soldiers have been trained in use of the grenade.

Personal Equipment
The M1 Bayonet is a standard design issued to all troops for use with the X4 Bruiser. It is supplied with a scabbard/sheath. As well as operating as a weapon it can be used as a multi purpose knife, wire cutter, sharpening stone and saw.

The M2 canteen is any one of a number of nationally produced canteens. It has a capacity of 2 litres and contains a built in water purification tube. It is generally only issued to soldiers on operations.

The M3 machete is a standard issue machete produced in a number forms by different nations. It is available to be issued to all troops and agents. It is supplied with a scabbard/sheath. Some soldiers have requested them for use in hand to hand combat and missions in jungle terrain.

All soldiers and agents are issued with the M4 Medical Pouch. It contains a range of first aid supplies as well a single large field dressing, morphine injector and tourniquet.

Designated field medics (soldiers and agents) are issued with the M5 Medic’s Kit. It contains a full range of medical kit and dressings suitable for dealing with combat trauma. It contains enough for four treatments and includes large field dressings, IV fluids, morphine injectors, tourniquets, haemostatic agents, instruments, an infusion kit, airway management tools and a range of medications.

M6 Body Armour is the standard issue to military and police units. A more concealable version of the armour without pockets and attachment points is available to agents. As well as the vest, shoulder pads are available and nearly all soldiers chose to use them. It uses a combination of lightweight ceramic plates covering the front of the armour and layers of improved kevlar to provide the best protection available. The ceramic plates have an integrated copper mesh that should provide some protection against energy weapons. A set of rear plates is available for those soldiers that require it. It has attachment points for webbing pouches various points on the vest and points for the M8 Archer Communication System on the shoulder blades. The M6 Crew Armour retains the armour and sealed nature of the Combat Armour is a slightly lighter form and lacks many of its attachment points. This is issued to pilots and vehicles crews.

Soldiers are equipped with the M7 Cobra Helmet. The helmet is also available to police and agents but is not standard issue. This high threat helmet is capable of dealing with large calibre weapons and it’s integrated copper mesh should provide some protection against energy weapons. The helmet includes a detachable radio headset which can be connected to directly to the M8 Archer Communication System. It has mounting points for night vision equipment, torches and cameras. The M7A Flight Helmet is designed to integrate communications, lightweight night visions and a tactical information system.

For communications ET-Com use the M8 Archer Integrated CCC System. It was designed to transmit encrypted tactical integrated voice and data services and provide the commander with tactical situational awareness. It also includes a GPS system The personal system is usually worn in a pouch attached to a soldiers, security or police officers shoulder and linked wirelessly to the headset integrated into the M7 Cobra Helmet. Agents usually have a more discrete pouch worn under clothing. Units are also fitted to all ET-Com Vehicles.

The M9 Respirator is the standard gas mask used by ET-Com. The M8A variant can be attached to the M7 helmet and M6 body armour allowing an airtight seal. The M8B is the same system which is designed to be issued to those not equipped with the helmet. It is hoped that it will provide a defence against airborne alien threats although this is yet to be tested in the field.

The M10 Combat Uniform is an NBC suit designed to link to the M6 Combat Armour, M7 Cobra Helmet and the M9 Respirator. It is typically issued to all soldiers and police officers and is also issued to agents and vehicle crews if deemed necessary. The M10A Flight Suit is issued to pilots and is a lighter lighter than its military counterpart. It includes gloves, boots and shin guards.
A pack of four illumination flares is available to all ET-Com personnel.

All nations have some form of Combat Knife which many soldiers have brought with them. Such knives are often personal property and pretty much every ET-Com member that carries a gun also owns a knife.

Another generally available piece of equipment is the Survival Tin. Many variations are available and are normally tailored to individual needs. As it weighs a negligible amount almost everybody on active service carries one.


Today would have been my dad's birthday. I can't escape it as every device I have seems to have a built in reminder for it. I have my mum and my sister with me and they are feeling it too. It's not quite a year since he died and today more than anything else I am missing him terribly. 

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