Monday, 6 February 2017

Still On The Subject Of Wargames and RPG Terrain

I was looking at the ideas for terrain again today. Specially roads, rivers at the like, when I worked out what I needed there were going to be over 150 separate sections. This is a large amount of work even before I begin. 150 sounds like a lot but this would be separate between larger tarmac road, smaller tarmac roads, dirt roads, paths, railways, rivers stream and post apocalyptic roads. This is on top of some odd shapes and curves which would add a significant chunk. I was looking at amount 3 4' by 8' boards.

On top of that I want to do various areas of terrain, rocky bits, ponds, marshes, a large variety of greenery, fields of several types, slime pools, ruins, waste ground, rubble, heavy going. The list is just endless. Then I was also looking at linear terrain. When I think about how many wall and fence sections I did for 15mm, If I wanyted top do that on MDF sections I think I would be looking and buying another table saw as I am pretty sure I would be wearing out the one I have by the time I finish.

It's a pain in the arse. I won't be quite right because things never are. I would bet that some of the stuff would end up wasted so I would have to buy even more.

So I got to looking at videos on YouTube. I still feeling lousy and standing upright is not cyrrently a certainty. There are all sorts of terrain videos but not many are that much good. There is one guy I can't stand to listen to but you can't deny his skills at producing good simple terrain. He is currently using expanded PVC. This stuff is used mainly for signage.. I had never heard of it before but it seems rigid enough and pretty light.

So I went looking for some of it. It's pretty cheap per sheet. Then I found a site that cuts the stuff up. It won't do cuts less than 10cm so I can't get all the shapes I want and I will still have to do the curves and some of the odd shapes. That said, I won't have to cut out 150+ shapes and as a major plus, the should all be the dimensions I ask for. On the downside, as a back of a fag packet calculation, it's going to cost about £100.

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  1. Do it yourself and save money, or pay for it and save time. There is no quick and cheap solution for terrain.