Friday, 3 February 2017

It's Friday Night. Rock And Roll

The title is a complete lie. Maybe irony if I was feeling more generous. Feeling a little bit better today but still tired so only a short post today. I have spent most of the day asleep. Since I have woken up I am a lot less light sensitive but I am still really wobbly thanks to the inner ear problem which is part of the bug. Yeah... I am hoping I will feel better in the morning. If not, the trip to York is probably off on Sunday.

So I haven't done much today. About all I have done so far is update yesterday's blog post with some pictures of the guns. These are just quick line drawings using some low tech design stuff converted into Bitmaps. I have one more to do but I can't find a good image to work off. With a bit of luck I can move on to doing some details for grenades and personal equipment.

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