Sunday, 23 April 2017

The New Cruelty

I have been using the phrase the New Cruelty a lot on the blog and in my life. The phrase comes from the film L.A. story, a Steve Martin film and a personal favourite. In the film there is a Nazi themed restaurant where the maitre'd, Mr Perdue (played by Patrick Stewart) used or referenced the phrase several times. It just seem appropriate for my current situation.

So rather than just taking a phrase and using it to give itself meaning I thought that I would write it down.

1) Paint five 28mm figures (minimum) in a week or the equivalent there of in other scales. Exceptions can be made for nothing.
2) Participate in at least one game of something per week.
3) Surf the net for less than four hours a day. Tough one but anything relating to my blog does not count.
4) Take some sort of vigorous exercise at least three times per week. The aim to be one hour sessions of running but for now I will do as much as I can.Take the dog for a good long walk every other day.
5) Write one blog post per day.
6) Stop intending to do things and do things instead.
7) Work out and stick to a morning and night time ritual.
8) Take vitamins etc.
9) If there is something that I need to do, write in a blog post so that it will get done (this is perhaps the most painful aspect of The New Cruelty).
The New Cruelty in action
The trick to The New Cruelty is to carry a mental picture of the three men above. Whenever I think about wimping out on any of the above, I am to imagine being sat in front of these three men. Whenever I think of something else that should go on the list, The New Cruelty demands that it should do so (expect the list to get added to hence points 10-12). Over the years I have become a big believer in the fact that if I say that I am going to do something, it probably won't get done but if I write it down, it will happen. Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will happen soon.

I am starting to realise that I have a life to live. It would be better for me if I actually went out there and did something a bit more fulfilling. Then, when my time comes around, I will be able to look back and smile.

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