Monday, 24 April 2017

Second Batch Off The Walking Dead Zombies - All Out War Are Done

Well with a bit more effort I have managed to get the last six of the zombies from The Walking Dead: All Out War box set done. They were finished before midnight so I guess that counts in last weeks totals. Another quick post today because I have a busy schedule.
The Walking Dead All Out War part  2: The boys
The Walking Dead All Out War part 2: The girls
It looks like I am going to finish the heroes from The Walking Dead. Whilst working in the zombie I have done a bit of work on the survivors so getting through them this week should be no trouble at all. Although the Blood Bowl troll (and the last six orc linemen) are still looking like something I want to do, there is a bit of work to do on the troll. The orcs for Titansgrave would be nice but I can't find any bases and I have some Ratling snipers on the way which will do for what I want for Titansgrave. There is also a bit of Frostgrave stuff floating around, rats and constructs mainly. These would be a quick fix as they would be mostly brown so a quick paint job sounds easy. So I am still in a bit of a predicament.