Sunday, 30 April 2017


I can't say it has been a great day for gaming. It was my intention to set up a game of The Walking Dead: All Out War. Last night was not a good night for sleeping for me and I ended up on the sofa in front of the TV a little before six a.m. after going to bed at around two a.m. So my day has been a bit blurred with tiredness. Not a day for boardgames.

Not wanting to do much of anything I settled for playing a game on the computer. So I have played Conan: Exiles most of the day. It's a crafting and survival game and I quite like the genre. It's been a while since I read the stories (I'm thinking thirty years) but I do have a soft spot for them. It was after watching the Conan The Barbarian films and someone telling me the books were much better. They were right.
Anyway, the game is an early access and whilst it has a number of interesting features it is a little bit buggy and still has some work to do on the development side. I have found it a frustrating day. It does have a lot of nice ideas and it could become an excellent game. Hopefully it will  not be like 7 Days to Die which, whilst it regularly gets better has been regularly getting better for years.

What it has left me with is a passing idea to do a Conan or probably more likely a Conan like game. I know that there is a d20 version by mongoose but d20 is not my thing. I am guessing that there is a Conan module for Savage Worlds and as that is my go to RPG I wouldn't have to worry about rules just the figures.

I am sure that I can find figures for the game. Some suitable ancients figures are out there and I was thinking that some arabic style dark age figures that would do for one of the races. There are a lot of animals in the computer game and a few in what I remember from the books. There are also a number of monsters that would be usable. I dare say that I could get by with less than a hundred figures. I know someone who has some ancient Egyptians that would do as a starting point.

I am sure this is just a passing fancy. I am watching the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny and I am thinking about the ancient Chinese/Japanese/Monkey/Journey to the West that I have always said I would run.

Still tomorrow is the start of a new week and there are figures to paint. I have a feeling it will involve zombies Frostgrave and Titansgrave. I am confident that I will make my figure painting target bit next week is going to be a tough week for me so I am not going to try to over face myself. Still Monday is a bank holiday and maybe I will have enough time before things start to prepping for the funeral.

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