Thursday, 6 April 2017

Some Talk, Some Action The Walking Dead: All Out War And Google Home

I went and actually did something today, amongst other things I got a Google Home but I also got a box set of The Walking Dead: All Out War. I will talk about the Google Home another time. Although I am a bit psyched about both, it's All Out War that has the bigger pull. Having just watched the end of Series 7 I guess I am pretty fired up for it all.
The figures are nice enough. I can say that even though they are plastics. They are on par with a lot of the metal figures from about ten years ago. The character figures are pretty close to the drawings in the comic. There could always be more detail but there s nothing superfluous about the design. The zombies are all nicely posed. There is a lot of animation there which is an odd thing to say about the reanimated dead. although there are only a dozen of them in the box they give a good variety of poses. the only downside from my perspective is they come on pre-cast bases. I know this is the way things are but it's a pet peeve. It might mean that I will rebase some of the figures I already have to fit with them as the older zombie I have are not that well base anyway.
The other components are also pretty good. The counters and terrain, of which there are plenty, are all on solid, thick card. The cards are pretty standard too. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of material they are made from, the look however is pretty nice. The play mat could be a bit more robust though but is is made of fairly heavy paper. I would have liked more equipment cards but I think the schtick is to include cards with the expansion sets.

All in all, the is a nice box set and I am looking to find out what the other sets are like. I guess this is a bit of a diversion for me but what the hell. The next post is going to be about my new Google Home which is really not a good topic for the blog.

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