Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tommorrow And Today

Tomorrow  I get a day off, well half a day at least. Getting a day off never  seemed so unappealing. The time has gone all too quickly today. I am typing this whilst watching the Create and Craft TV channel with the sound off whilst my mum doses off. This has been her favourite pastime for a few years now (without the dozing off bit). She loves it because of all the card making ideas it gives her. Oddly I am not so keen.

Today has not  been so bad. My diet has consisted pretty much of nothing but sausage rolls and tea. A proper wargamers diet if ever there was one. If this keeps up my belly will get so big I  Will no longer be able to use my laptop. I will have to get a bellytop instead. On the plus side the cold is on it's way out and I have got better pain killers today.

Having failed to win anything on eBay I guess I am going to have to go to a shop and actually buy something. I think I might get some painting done tomorrow too. As 10pm (or now as I am typing this) is my peak time for output at the moment I am resigned to not  getting anything done today.

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