Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I Want To Talk About The Global Conspiracy That Is Crippling Me

I'm sure it must be a global conspiracy. Maybe it's God or Loki or gremlins or something. There is no way that so many things could happen at random so often. It must be a conspiracy.

I had a plan to go to all the gaming shops in town today and then come home at do some stuff. I was expecting to be free around 2pm but things transpired that it became 3pm. SO then it's off to do the school run. I got home and just had to deal with stuff. By the time I had dealt with that I was so tired I fell asleep and woke up just before 9pm. Time to eat, get the kids to bed and then move on to getting ready for bed after watching a bit of TV.

I really miss my old workspace or the man cave as just about everyone calls it. The background image for my blog is my old man cave. I probably should have changed it as it has had to change a number of times since. I keep it because it reminds of what I had and what I want. As a gamer I think it's important to keep one eye on the future. I want a workspace, not the pokey little thing I have, but a decent space where I can work on a slightly bigger picture. Somewhere I can put up tools and keep things out whilst I am working on.

More importantly, as I am a bloke, who is a gamer and a tinkerer, I want somewhere to hide. I keep looking at this post on One Man And His Brushes and think envious thoughts.

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