Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Better Bad Day

I feel a bit more positive today and I have managed to get some gaming stuff done. I am gradually working on my Viking game's finishing touches. I have worked on the National and Regional maps for the game. I made a map when I set the game it up. This has changed a lot because I changed by idea for the world map. My national map now looks like a slightly warped Denmark (some would says that the place is pretty warped already).

This is causing me a lot of problems as I have had to requite the description of the areas a bit. This is a major pain. As I have also written some legendary sagas. These too will need to be looked at. This is causing a lot of retcon. Always a bad thing. Progress is always good but it is hard work.

There is just a possibility that I might have an evening off tomorrow. There is also a possibility that I might get a game in. We will see.

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