Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Changes Afoot - The New Cruelty

The first day of the rest of your life right? I have promises to keep to myself, or as I am putting it, The New Cruelty. I came across the phrase from watching (a rewatching multiple times) L.A. Story. Today, it seems sort of the right things to do. Sadly there is no rolling skating through galleries for me today.

I have spent most of the day on the phone. When I haven't been on the phone I have been trying to keep busy. By way of a distraction I thought I would do a bit of retail therapy. My other half drove me to a shop in St Helens. What a mistake that was. Possibly the worst gaming shop ever and the only thing that made it worse was the smell. It was like a heavily used gym bag with the damp gear, after a real beasting, having been left in the bag of a car over a long hot weekend. I got a pot of paint, as it also cost me a McDonalds for everyone, it was perhaps the most expensive pot of paint  have ever brought.

The New Cruelty involves a number of thing. This is basically a way of holding me to account. There will still be time for sitting around on the laptop, watching YouTube and playing on the X-Box (have just downloaded Frank Rising for Dead Rising 4 (which seems oddly appropriate). The new regime of cruelty involves getting some exercise and doing something practical everyday. The practical stuff means doing something I like doing and doing some jobs around the house that mean progress. It also means keeping up with the daily posts. The New Cruelty extends to you, my readers as well.
Work in progress
I got an hour to myself at the end of the day. I got a bit of time to work on the Titansgrave Saurians. These are almost finished. It's just detailing now. I have done a bit of painting on The Walking Dead Minis. This was just bits of paint that I had left over from the Saurians coupled with a bit of tidying them up (there is oddly a lot of flash) and putting some sand on the base. The models of the zombies do look nicely detailed and I am looking forward to painting them up.

Whilst I have done the calls to family today, there is more work to do tomorrow. It's odd that the next few days, even the next few weeks, are looking like very hard times. There are a lot of things in my life that need to be put to rest.

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