Tuesday, 11 April 2017

RPG Players Tin

As I have  kind of taken up gaming, as a player at least, I need something to keep all the bits together so I thought I would find a tin to put all the bits in that would easily fit in a pocket.I added to what my other half refers to my collection of tins (which she says in a boring Monty Python esque voice that I taught her how to do, the phrase hoist on my own petard springs to mind). Anyway,  I was talking about this the other day I was expecting it to be a project I would get into eventually. There is a lot going on at the moment, not least of which involves spending 12 hours a day is hospital with my mum. Getting anything done was probably not on the cards.
When I got in at 11pm last night I needed to find down. I thought the tin would be a nice easy project. It's not an old tin but it does have a few  memories. The thin foam liner is more about noise reduction. Dice make a he'll of a racket in a tin evey time you move. The slats are fixed in. I thought I'd have a play about with the tin to make sure the proportions are right. A little more padding around the figure is also called for.

This is a project I am going to revisit in the next few months.

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