Friday, 7 April 2017

Titansgrave, The Walking Dead And Not Google Home

I was expecting to be talking about my new Google Home but I actually got some painting done, some Saurians for Titansgrave and I managed to get The Walking Dead stuff I got yesterday primed up. I wanted to work on The Walking Dead stuff but I needed more primer and when I got that the primer seems to have a massively long drying time. This is despite coughing up a lung all day.
The saurians / saurus / lizardmen are nice figures as GW goes. They are not the easiest to get the maximum of variety out the poses (I think the Imperial Guard holds that prize) but with a bit of work (chopping and changing with a bit of green stuff) they can be made to look pretty good.  

Although they are still a little bit off being complete, it should be quite easy to get them finished off. If I get a chance I would like to see them done by the end of the weekend, there are only five of them at the moment after all.
Then it will be on to The Walking Dead.

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