Thursday, 27 April 2017

This Will Soon Mean the Passing Of An Old Friend / The True Meaning Of Miniature Painting

A busy day again today, not much painting but there has been some and it has not gone well. I am contemplating big moves and changes and I am getting a bit of a mind f%&k because of it. Changes may be coming that make The New Cruelty  look like a trip to the sauna with a nice cup of tea afterwards.

It looks like I am about to part with another very old friend. This friend has been a part of my life for almost twenty years. He has certainly seen better days and the years have taken a significant toll. Which is a shame because for the last ten years or so we have worked very closely. This may be a bit of an odd eulogy for a t-shirt but it has been the one piece of clothing that I have used for painting in for donkey's years. It is covered with all types of paint, ink, pen and glue and has more than a couple of holes in it. Although I love it and as far as I am concerned it still has another ten years in it, my other half has decided it is time to go. This may have something to do with the egg stain on the front of it from a well deserved bacon and egg sandwich. There is something of the same feeling I had when I cleared out my paint brush collection/hoard.
Well beyond needing a wash
So I have been looking for a replacement. I found a Star Wars Rouge One t-shirt today. It was cheap and I thought big enough. The major redeeming aspect of the shirt I have been using is that it has been washed so many times that it is big and baggy. I got a 2XL short and it just lacks the length and the ability to be worn over the clothes I wear underneath it. I also quite like it and I have what could almost be described as a collection of star wars t-shirts now.

The True Meaning Of Miniature Painting? No that's not just clickbait. I guess it's the closest thing to a passion that I have. My other half tells me it's a comfort thing. It's my comfort zone and this t-shirt has become part of the comfort. As The New Cruelty seems to be taking a firmer place in my life, the comfort of the old and familiar seems even more important.

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