Sunday, 2 April 2017

What I Have Taken From Today...

...I'll get to the ... bit in a moment. Another not so good day. All the stuff to help my mum out seems to be arriving just a day or two to late to be of any use at all. If it had been here a week ago or better still a month ago it would have helped but not now. Doing the best with what I have has been something that I have always tried to look at achieving. I don't always hit the mark but today I have tried and if not failed, I haven't walked away with what I wanted. Due to the delieveries I have had to close up the workbench to make space. Worse still, due to the fact I am coughing up a lung, I have had to stay away from my mum for fear of giving her what I have. Hell. I even failed to win a load of stuff on eBay.

My heart was just not in the day.

So the ... bit. Sleep appears to be optional. Between the coughing and the worrying it's okay not to sleep. I'll get there is the end. There is no point in worrying but you just have to do it anyway. Without wanting to sound too zen about it what else can you do, worrying is not going to change a damn thing. So tomorrow I will spend in the present and make the most of that present and enjoy some time with my mum.

Tomorrow there is another plan. Not a gaming plan just a getting through the day kind of a plan.

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