Friday, 21 April 2017

Reading And Painting - Scrappers And The Walking Dead

At about six this morning I woke up and started reading the Scrappers Rulebook. I haven't read that much of it and I am reserving comment until I have read it through. Many of the Osprey rule books, with the exception of the Ambush Alley stuff has been okay (both Force On Force and Tomorrow's War being excellent pieces of work) could use a bit of polish. Frostgrave is okay and I have almost everything they have done but I still haven't played a game and I am not sure I will. The more traditional format for Osprey books (the ones with the dark blue covers in the standard Osprey size) have some nice ideas but I can always find big niggles with them. When I have read the Scrappers book, maybe played a game of it and had a chance to consider it, I will do a proper review.
I have continued with The Walking Dead miniatures. I have done a lot of work on the first batch of six and a little bit on the second batch. The New Cruelty demands five figures a week. If I can proceed at the pace I have managed today over the weekend I might get the full dozen zombies done. Maybe they might need some varnishing and some work done on the bases but the paint should be done. As simple models lacking a lot of equipment the number of colours required is limited. You can bet that the character figures will take much longer. As far as these figures go, I expect they are more likely to end up in a Savage Worlds RPG than their intended purpose first.

I can't find any round bases. I have a box of the things in my garage somewhere but I still can't find them. I would like to be doing the orks/orcs but without the bases this is not possible. Now that I have a troll for my orc bloodbowl team, I can see that my interest is peaked with that as well. I am guessing that I am going to side with anything I think I can get a game with.

I have tried to write this post a few times today. For some reason it is proving really difficult. There is obviously a lot going on in my head at the moment. Having had a terrible nights sleep and a busy day there has been no time to catch up with myself. Hopefully, tomorrow will prove to be a better day. There are a lot of calls to make so maybe not.


  1. Nice work on the Walking Dead miniatures.

    1. Cheers. Not my best work because the detail is a bit soft. That said, they were very easy to paint.