Friday, 14 April 2017

A Mixed Bag Kind Of Day - With Boardgames

When it comes to boardgames, well today I rule. It started with two outright wins at splendour and Roll for the Galaxy. We played a bit of Castle Panic. The first game and the third game we did not do so well (the first game we gave up at the start of turn two). Then we played Dead Of Winter. I love this game, so much going on and competing for attention, it feels a least a little like a real world problem solving situation. We actually beat the game on the last turn. I made my objects so I was arguably a joint winner with Jim.

After years of playing boardgames I am never really sure why I like boardgames. It's not monopoly, cluedo or scrabble that got me started, maybe it was Escape From Colditz. The only thing that I can think of is that it is about seeing whether I can come up with a startergy that t is better than someone else's. Games with historical benchmarks like Quartermaster General 1914 tend to leave me cold. I did much worse than my historical counterparts did and still won and what it has to do with being a quartermaster is still a puzzle.

So on to the not so good stuff. My sister has been with my mum today. She seems to have failed to grasped the situation that my mum is very ill. I am getting blamed for this. it is really difficult to know what to tell people. None of the medics have a straight answer to give. the time keeps shortening. One month ago it was a year plus. Three weeks ago it was up  to a couple of months but probably not that long. The phrase weeks to months was being mentioned and this is what I have told my sister. She seems to have heard months not weeks and this is apparently my problem. So after arriving this morning, I got the attitude from her. Well she is supposed to be off tomorrow, I kind of hope she is.

I have heard tonight that one of my mates dad's is in hospital in a coma, Steve if you do read this I am thinking of you and your family. Stuff seems to be going around.

So I think I am going to lay awake for a bit wondering how my mum is.

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