Thursday, 20 April 2017

Shopping, Bloodbowl, The Walking Dead And Other Things

The New Cruelty continues and today it has involved going to a game shop, spending money in a game shop and doing some painting. So with a few other things that have made up the day, it's been a day of progress.

As part of The New Cruelty, I have to be a bit more proactive. Currently I am trying to put a figure on what that means. Ten figures a week is what I would like to achieve. That would be five hundred in a year. I am not sure that I have ever achieved this. Five figures a week seems more achievable. My current feeling is that if I make it a half a dozen figures that I would have a bit of grace. Plastic figures have some nice aspects to them but they do take an age to put together.

So I have done a bit more work on The Walking Dead figures today. They have a basic coat and some ink to give the paint a bit of depth. As they are zombies they need to look pretty battered. dust and dirt underneath blood and black bile give them some variety. These minis are pretty simple so only a few base colours are needed. Although there isn't much in the way of equipment or fashion accessories there is plenty of depth to the surface and textures. I have to say that I have found the flash to be a bit more present and more of a pain to get rid of than I was expecting.
I walked away with a lot of the newer bloodbowl stuff today. I will paste more of this over the next days and weeks (i.e. when I haven't managed to make any progress with achieving my five figures in a week pseudo goal). I have also got a copy of the Malifaux rules and the Osprey Books Scrappers rules. Again I will have a look at these but will give them a good reading first.

The other things, well they are not sure good but I guess that they mean progress. Steps have been made towards sorting things out for my mum and getting my home back to normal. Tomorrow is the day I speak to the funeral directors. I have a feeling that this is going to give me an uneasy night.

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