Saturday, 8 April 2017

No Plan Survives Contact With The Weekend Or Titansgrave

I had a plan and at least in part to work on the Titansgrave figures today. I have managed to stick with the plan and there was a fallback for something to say if I didn't. Of course I never expected things to run smoothly, smoothly is for single people with no plans. I did have greater expectations of the morning and hoped that I might even manage to get some painting done before people started moving around. I mean what self respecting teenager gets out of bed before midday when they are on holiday?

So when I had got that done after the various jobs of the day done I got to do a bit of work on the figures. It's all about detailing. A spot of paint here and there. I takes ages. Worse still, I have made a lot of mistake that I don't think even the inking up will hide so that means that there is going to be some retouching to do which is my personal pet hate.
I had a few bits of paint left over so I ended up doing a few bits and pieces on other figures. A spot here and there, again. A couple of bits on The Walking Dead figures and even the few remaining half done Bloodbowl orcs. Nothing too strenuous but a step closer to being finished. The plan is to work on either The Walking Dead or the orcs for Titansgrave next. If no plan is going to survive the weekend then no much point planning for next week.

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