Saturday, 29 April 2017

Too Much On The Workbench

My mum brought me up not to waste anything, especially paint. My usual painting process involves having something I am concentrating on and at least one more miniature project on the backburner that I call the background project. If, whilst painting, I have a little extra paint left over whilst working on the current project, I use it on the stuff in the background. The trouble is I have developed a number of background projects. The "main" background project is supposed to be the Blood Bowl Orc Linemen. The trouble has been that there is a prescribed colour scheme and a lot of what I have on the go uses a different colour palette altogether so I started a second background project. Then a third, then a fourth and so on.
My problem now is one of paralysis. There is so much on the workbench that I don't know what to do. I know some of these are more or less finished but..well there is always more to do. No project is ever finished, it's only abandoned. So to prevent the problem of not being able to focus on anything, I am going to have to have a bit of a cull.

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