Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Slump Day

A bad day all round. I guess in part it seems worse because I thought things were going to be better. Initially I was hoping my sister was going to be here today to help look after my mum. She was supposed to be here for the Easter weekend. As she appears to have misread a text message this has been shortened to twenty four hours. I had already predicted that there would be some sort of problem as she has spat her dummy out already. So I guess I have broken one of my rules about expecting the worst and preparing for it.

The reason for her spitting her dummy out is that she wants her to go into a home near her. This is not what my mum wants but that seems to be an inconvenience to my sister. Specifically my mum does not want the pain of a big trip. She is already looking at anyone wearing green with suspicion (the colour of paramedic's uniform) and this obviously means that they are going to carrying her off.

I have spent some time talking to staff about getting her home. Last week I wasn't expecting her back as she seemed to be on the decline. After a few days of rallying, her coming home seemed more likely and someone has come round today to see what can be done to make it happen. If it is going to happen it will take a week to organise because of the Easter weekend. Today however she has declined even more, so the prospect of her getting back home seems remote and the hope that she will make it through the next week seems faint.

This post has just about taken it out of me so it's time for bed.

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