Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Walking Dead: All Out War - The "Heroes"

Although I haven't quite finished the characters from The Walking Dead box set yet, I am about ready to call them done. There are a few details that need highlighting, like anything that is black or dark brown but that is a ten minute job. I will probably put a bit of flock on the bases before spray varnishing and then I'll put on a few finishing touches. That said, I have just looked at the pictures and I am thinking maybe there is a bit more work than I think.
Carl Rick and Derek
The only real problem I have with this is that I want the figures not the fluff but the game comes with fluff. When the game was coming out they were talking about producing around one hundred and thirty figures. I haven't worked it out but I am guessing the current figure is closer to thirty than it s to one hundred. So I am waiting for some more to come out.
Sandra, Patrick and Liam
I have run out of zombie figures from the game now and I'm unlikely to get any more until the next time I go to a show. I have a couple of quick projects that I want to do but I am thinking that I would like to do some more zombies. I have a few Cold War Miniatures zombies to do and some zombie crawlers from a manufacturer I can't remember.It has to be sad that I don't really need any more zombies but what the hell.

The New Cruelty is going well. I have to keep to it going but it's not proving too difficult so far.


  1. Looking good Fred, you are certainly getting through them.

    1. I am on a bit of a mission at the moment. If I keep this pace up I'll get through the lead mountain in about three years. ☺

  2. Nice work Fred. They look great