Monday, 1 May 2017

Start Of A New Week Of Figure Painting Cruelty And A Day To Remember

Not a day for much progress but there has been some miniature painting done as well as prepping for the week ahead. There are still too many projects to list but I thought I would show you the edited highlights. As The New Cruelty is keeping me on my toes, the good work can't stop.

The first offering is my latest eBay win. These are GW ratling snipers or hobbits for Titansgrave. My goal was to start them today but as I have been a bit distracted I didn't get the bases sorted until much later than I had planned. I have done a bit of chopping up of the guns. I want RPG characters so I don't need a whole load of snipers. Some are harder to convert than others so I thought I would just leave them be. I can see one as carrying a shotgun or carbine and another with a regular rifle. I liked these figures when I looked at them the first time but it strikes me that with the added terrain features these are going to be a pain to paint. As they are for an RPG they are not all going to be in the same colour uniforms so this will add a bit more time to the process. One of them seems pretty close to completion so even though it is not to my taste I might just tart it up a bit and use it. The five are still nowhere near enough for my purposes but I guess they will have to do.  I still need to paint and base the orcs/orks that I have. With the human I have and the gnomes that I will get from CP Models and convert, I more or less have a place to start the game.This will hopefully constitute my five figures for the week.

I have been playing around with some Cold War Miniatures zombies in the last week or so. Nice sculpts that look a little like zombies that are wasting away. Not that I have anything against Dominoes apart from the fact they charge too much. It's a little way off yet and there are several more on the bench at the moment. There is still some detailing to do on this one but I would hope he'll be finished before the end of the week.
Rats from Frostgrave. They look very nice on the website but I am beginning to think that they ar going to be a pain to paint. There has been a huge amount of flash to come off. This is sad because the rest of the stuff from Northstar for Frostgrave and their other stuff is fantastic. As they are small figures on small bases I am only going to count these as a half figure each. There are nine of them (honest) so I could round these up to five and the target for a week. I am not sure that these will get finished this week but maybe next week.
 Speaking of Frostgrave, I have a few Frostgrave Soldiers and the bits on the go. There is still a bit to do on this one though. The three figures will not be a priority this week but maybe next week or the week after that.
What little time I have had painting has been spent on these. I have no idea of the manufacturer if anyone knows I would love to know. I got them at Triples several years ago now as I always wanted more zombie crawlers. Nice figures, well nice enough, and an easy paint job and there is another five to paint. I would expect to finish these this week.

It has been a busy day today. Far busier than what I was originally expecting. Anyway, if you are wondering what the day to remember thing is all about, it's not a good thing. My sister, who has had a fortnight to get stuff to me for my mums funeral, has tried to get hold of me over the weekend and I didn't pick up her text message. I wasn't looking as I have asked her to phone me on the landline and mobile reception is awful here. So this morning, a few days before the funeral she has threatened me with an injunction to stop the funeral. She has gone on to say that she can't wait for the funeral so she won't have to see me or speak to me again. The prospect of having to sit in a car with her on Friday, well it's just not going to happen. So today is going to go down as the last day I spoke to my sister. If by some freak turn of events I do speak to her, I don't imagine the words are going to be long or quiet. Cheers sis.

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