Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Underground With Pictures

I woke up with a few ideas for a game I have been working on for years. It's a post apocalyptic Savage Worlds game set in the ruins of London. Having finished work (for the time being at least) of the picture of my other half (see below) I had a bit of time to work on more artwork.
Since starting work on this idea I have done a few logos for the game. It seems like a good idea to have an image to attach to stuff I am working on. So I wanted to update it but I found that I had lost the original file. attacks to take it to pieces to start over again failed so I thought I'd start again. This time around I wanted something that looked a lot better so I have started out working on a few banner images. What do you think?
This is a picture of the other half last halloween. Almost done and although it doesn't look like much has changed I spent another two hours working on it. Needs a background doing.

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