Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Skills

Well I guess if I want to create some terrain with a laser that I better be able to produce some templates. So I got back to learning some Corel Draw skills. I have been using this system on and off for a few years now but I can't say that I know it well enough to do everything I want to do.
The aim is to make things look like brick. It would be nice to get things to scale. The bricks are a little out of scale but they are close enough. Likewise the doors are a bit big but I would like the space to be big enough to move a figure through even on a 2p sized bases. Even more heroic scales (Malifaux Batman etc) all use even bigger figures so the scale to me looks even more odd.

With setting up the building to have a brick effect I am hoping that I can hide the tabs which to me ruin most laser cut buildings. The edges will still be there but I am working on the assumption that people will want to paint them.

It's one thing designing the template but I have to remember that really that this is the first stage in the prototyping process.My initial thought process is to set up, for want of a better expression, a number of boxes that work. Then use these boxes as templates and give them new skins. Obviously this is not a universal solution but I am hoping that it will cover most eventualities.

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