Friday, 12 May 2017

Spriggans Or Ents Or Dryads 2

I painted some very old metal GW dryads about three years ago when the world seemed a lot more in focus. It does seem a very long time ago etc etc. I got some of the plastic ones last year that fall into the "well there were cheap" category. The game I have in mind for the my dark age background uses a lot of nature spirit monsters so I figured a few more dryads that looked different from the ones I had wouldn't go amiss.
I glued them together a little while ago and they have been sat gathering dust ever since. Whilst I have been sat around complaining about not wanting to finish what I have started, these have been just sat there.

So having wasted a lot of time waiting for the rain to stop so that I could spray them brown, I eventually got going. When I did get started I got quite a lot done. These were always going to be an easy paint job. It's a fairly simple colour scheme and limited colour palette figures are quick work. So aside from some details (an owl and a skeleton for instance) they should be a quick deal. There is a dozen of them so I should be up to date on the figure painting schedule. I still need to find something to paint next week now.

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