Saturday, 13 May 2017

Painting On Saturday

Having a few other things to keep me busy this afternoon, I did a good bit of painting today but not as much as I would like. Having seen how far I got yesterday I am fairly confident on finishing the dryads this weekend. So I decided that there was a need to do a bit of prep for next week. As there is not much prepped and ready to go I thought I should do something to make sure I could hit the ground running next week.

So I went through the draws that I have that are full of figures and dug out what I wanted. I had been thinking about doing the plastic Frostgrave gnolls. This was not going to get done as I don't think I have the patience to cut them out and glue them together. Plastic figures have a lot going for them but they take ages to put together which is putting me off at the moment. Then I found a few other bits that I was thinking abut painting.

Then the weather did not look promising so I am going to have to spray in the morning when hopefully it's sunny. From there it's on to the finishing off this week's work.

I like to put a good portion of the basing before I start painting the figures. The easiest way I have found is to glue the figure to the base with super glue after making sure the base is smooth enough. When that has dried cover the base and figures base with PVA. It normally works out better to do this as a batch process. Then cover them with sand or whatever I am using. I leave them for a bit before clearing the area around the feet so they don't dissappear.

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