Monday, 15 May 2017

Change Of Posting Plans

This morning I think I had a plan to do some painting ad post it on the blog. I was going to start painting up the gnolls and see how things went. At one point I did start the process off and I am still at the daubing stage so I didn't really want to post any pictures. There is definitely more paint on them than there was this morning.

My other half started talking to me about money earlier. Conversations about money in my house usually go along the lines of my other half wants to spend money and me not wanting to. More than ever I have been trying to cut back because I know our income has dropped a bit in recent months. Despite this, my other half has decided to book a holiday because she really needs a break. her going off the deep end because she thought the dog had Alabama rot and taking the dog to the vet (the dog did have an infection but it's the kind of thing dogs get all the while) has not helped either. She has then realised not only how much this holiday is going to cost (about £800 for four days away) but how much money we are going to lose if we do it. She has yet to comprehend that last year I had to spend money for tax purposes and this year not only have we had a cut in income but our costs are going up all the while. When I sat down to work it out even I was surprised (shocked might be more like it and the air around my inner monologue turned blue). So something needs to be done.

So I am looking back at the possibility of setting up a small scale laser cutting business. It has to be said I am not looking forward to this. My life has become quite comfortable and I like it the way things are going. This is a big part of why setting up a business was put on the shelf on the first place. I should have some money from an inheritance coming through but that might take a while. This would mean buying a house and maybe a fixer upper to try and make some money back. So in the meantime, I need the money. Setting up a business has always been part of the plan but that plan was quite long term. It has been something I want to do but obviously it's a little terrifying. My plan is also going to have to be cut back. I seem to recall my initial setup was going to be at around the £4000 mark. Whilst I do have that kind of money, it seems to be a big chance to take and that money could make a difference elsewhere.

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