Monday, 8 May 2017

Star Wars Rebellion

The day has been a little slow for my liking and I haven't got much to say about the day so I thought I'd talk about playing Star Wars Rebellion. I last played this a few weeks ago now and I have played it once before that. Both times I have ended up playing the Imperials. Obviously, I need to wear black and start breathing heavily more, you know, just to get into character.

My initial impression was that this was Star Wars Risk. This wasn't fair and as I began to play the game I started to get a better idea of the game. Although it's got a Death Star in the game, it plays more like the plan to find the rebellion during the Empire Strikes Back rather than A New Hope. The Empire are sending out drones and playing cunning rouses to find their opposition. You are also looking to capture rebel heroes and if you can get Luke, you can even convert him to the Dark Side.
There is some production management involved. Although it plays a role, really the name of the game is get-em. Cards and territory determine how much kit you get and more developed planets get you the resources quicker. Really the need to concentrate on this aspect is secondary. Resources are going to happen as neither side can really stop the other from acquiring resources. From mid game on you main problem seems to be not that you haven't got resources but that you are running out of tokens. Speaking of tokens, the game comes with plenty of them. The quality is also pretty good.None of them are in any particular scale although the infantry could probably just about work as 15mm miniatures. Nothing else seems to fit together.

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