Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Work Begins, Well At Least There Is A Paintbrush In My Hand

I have spent a couple of hours painting the hobbits/ratlings this evening. My overall level of progress has not been too bad but I would still like to have done a bit more. The plan for the week is to paint ten figures. Whilst I am ahead of my painting target I did not paint as much as I was hoping last week so I feel a little bit behind.
A big part of this is that I am not enjoying painting these figures. After painting The Walking Dead: All Out figures, which were really easy and enjoyable to paint, I guess I am on the rebound. I am definitely not enjoying the work on these figures. They are part of an overall project and one that I would like to get done. I still need a near future project and this is still not apparent to me so I will stick withe what I am doing..

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