Sunday, 28 May 2017

End Of The Week & Modular House

My stated aim was to finish five figures a week on average. On average I am still ahead of my target. This is despite the fact that I haven't picked up a brush all week. Over the course of the week I have probably sat at my work bench for about an hour in total. So not a good week for painting.What I have achieved this week has been fairly substantial though.

Bank holiday tomorrow and half term for the kids as well. This will mean later nights and shorter mornings. Coupling this with the work I am doing I doubt much painting will get done in the coming week either. The biggest job tomorrow is going to be sorting out the garage. I have already done a fair bit of work in there. My immediate plan involves setting up a couple of workbenches in there. This will mean a big clear out.

The week ahead will see even more progress on the garage. My new laser cutter should be arriving at the end of the week. Somewhere along the line I need to get some raw materials to test out what I have got planned. To start with I think it's going to be used to make figure bases. I know that there are people out there that already do this but I think there is still some scope in the market.

I am working on a few more ideas but for the time being, this is an image of part of my idea for a modular house. Coming to an online store near you soon....

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