Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tidying Up My Blog

My typing is terrible and as a blogger who would like people to take him at least a little bit seriously I should really have done something about it. Every time I look, which isn't that often, I find a typing error, usually where I have managed to hit an adjacent key by mistake. Proofreading is something I should do more and especially in any post where the word "proofreading" is used in it. I have also taken a look at the pages and decided that I want to change the look a bit, especially with the pictures. Wherever possible I have tried to make things funky and interesting but looking back it just means that there are a lot of small pictures. When looking at pages on the phone, I have noticed that there can be a few things that make the page look a little out of kilter.

So I have gone through some of them and there are more to do. I made pictures a bit bigger and and centred them on the page. There have been a few readability issues taken care of mainly around my colloquial use of English. A few commas here and a bit of capitalisation there. Where I haven't put labels in, I have done so.

With a bit of luck, there will be a more game related later today.

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