Wednesday, 10 May 2017


The end of the day, usually after 9pm, is when I get most of my gaming stuff done and I have spent my day wanting to paint so I should have found it easy to do. By the time 9pm came around I was tired. So I forced myself to get something done but spent less than an hour at work. The hobbits/ratlings are coming on at a pace and are pretty close to being finished or at least as finished as they are going to be. I guess that I am finding the figures uninspiring. This is what the delay is but I am not feeling the pull of anything else either.

At times like this, I refer to The Plan. X-Com, the Viking game, Titansgrave, Frostgrave and Bloodbowl were my main areas of interest at the beginning of the year. None of these are grabbing me / have suitable figures to paint. So maybe one of the other alternative might be better (zombies, weird war two, super heroes, 15mm mecha, 6mm Napoleonics, ECW, Conan ish and VBCW are all prospects).

I have some Frostgrave stuff on the go. I have a load of rats to do. The figures look great on the web but are not feeling too good to painting. There are another half dozen or so figures part way done. These are the new background project and I have on the go.

My mind keeps turning to the post apocalyptic (other than zombies) as well. I have a number of post apocalypses open to me at the moment. I started on Summerland a few years ago. I don't have the figures for this but it would be an easy game to do. A few trays of figures would be enough then there are places to go with it after that. For a while I have been working on things for a London version of Metro 2033 and I have a fair bit of background for that.

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