Thursday, 18 May 2017

Starting A Business - Fun And Games

Today more than any other day I can feel that I am going to start up a business making laser cut stuff for gamers.Today more than ever I know how much fun this is going to be, i.e. not a huge amount of fun. My working day has been about eleven hours long, much like yesterday, All this and I haven't even started the real work yet.

I have spoken to two people about money today. Having done that, I kind of wish I hadn't. The money that I had been assured that would be available is likely to cut off other access to money so I don't end up any better off. This sucks.

The money also comes with support which would be useful. If I don't take the money then I don't get the support. I have gone looking for a grant and the only one that seems to cover my area actually misses where I live by about ten metres. This also sucks.

However, I have had some good news. I can find at least three and maybe four sources of support. This involves doing some business training and doing some training in the use of laser cutting. I have another lead to chase up to see about the first lot of money I thought I would get but we will see.

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