Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Overwhelmed By Indifference?

The Conan game I have been playing on the PC has caused me to think about running a game. I kind of like aspects of Conan but in a more bronze age biblical style. Personally, I am more struck by the Scorpion King and Conan crossover.

When I first started thinking about running a game I was thinking that I wouldn't need many figures but then I couldn't find many figures. I can muster up quite a few barbarian types. Conan was supposed to come from a celtic type race but it is difficult to get past the Arnie Schwarzenegger style. The old grenadier stuff seems to suit the vibe and then a few of the Northstar barbarians would cover all the barbarian types.  A couple of boxes of plastic barbarians would be plenty. Throw in some Egyptians, Hebrews, Sea People, Hittities etc and that would be plenty of people. Maybe even a few dark age arabs would be okay too.

Monsters and bad guys were also a problem but I am beginning to think that even this might be a possibility. There are plenty of wild animal monsters. There are bestial men which I could use the gnolls I already have (all the metal ones with half the plastic ones, the others being used for Titansgrave with a bit of modification). The cultist box set would also make a nice opposition force. Today I have seen that Northstar are about to release some snake men which I seem to remember are a bad guy in the books. I could probably run the game with about one hundred figures. This could probably be achieved in around three months. There more I think about it, the more them Conan (ish) and Titansgrave concept are fairly similar.

Aside from playing around with Conan: Exiles today has been pretty game free. Not much going on for me today because there was so much else going on for everyone else. I would love to say something nice and hopeful but the next few days are looking pretty bloody awful. That said, I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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