Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Joy Of Pets

I spent much of yesterday and today working on stuff for the business I am about to set up. I have learnt but seem to keep forgetting an awful lot of stuff about CorelDraw. When it comes to laying out a template for a laser cutter it seems to be second to none and then there are a load of skills I can use for other tasks. One thing I seem to fail to comprehend about the programme is how temperamental it seems to be.

Being tempermental is not normally a problem. Today however as I was transferring some documents around the dog knocked the laptop. I am not sure what happened but CorelDraw stopped working and all the files I was transferring just disappeared. All my work for the last three days is gone. A lot of the time spent was spent on learning how to do things, so that is not time wasted. These skills are now allowing me to do things again at a much quicker rate so I have got about half of it done already. The logo is lost, apart from the bitmaps I saved but I am hoping that I should be able to recreate these with relative ease.

Tomorrow is the big day. If I can get my ideas off the computer and onto the laser cutter at the Fab Lab tomorrow afternoon then when I get back I am ordering the laser cutter and the wood and hopefully by the beginning of next week I should be making a limited production run to see how things are going to work out. Then it's on to buying the stationary and some acrylic, not to mention setting up a bench in the garage so work can begin in earnest.

The dog on the other hand has a few days of sleeping and eating cat food ahead of it assuming I don't kill it first.

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