Sunday, 7 May 2017

End Of The Week

The New Cruelty calls for painting five 28mm miniatures and playing at least one game, either an RPG or a board game per week. I had hopes for the week but honestly, giving the nature of this week, I did not have much in the way of expectations. It has been oddly busy with stuff I hadn't really considered at the beginning of the week. No bad thing really, at least if I take the most postive view of what is going on.

Throughout the week I have had time on most days to do some figure painting and I was kind of hoping to play a board game today. The time I have had has not been as much as I was expecting and I have been a little half hearted in what I have been doing. At one point I was expecting to pack it all up, even the blogging, for at least a little while. Despite this bit of moping around, I have managed to keep going and I am feeling the urge again.
So I have been working on these ratlings as hobbits for the Titansgrave game. Whilst they are nice characterful sculpts but they are busy models. The lots of additional details on them means lots of extra painting. One of them has a sack with a couple of apples in it and an apple core on the floor as well for instance. As they are not being planned as a military unit, I wanted the clothing colours to have a bit of variety. This is all taking time.
Zombie Crawlers
I have however finished my zombie crawlers. These have just had a few finishing touches done. As simple models, they were an easy model to paint. This has meant that whilst I haven't reach the totals required by The New Cruelty, I have managed five half figures and I think I finished the Small Constructs for Frostgrave.

As part of the week I had planned to get a game in. I did manage to buy a game I have been after for a while which was Tokaido. I got a new edition which came with a few extra bits including the first expansion. This is what i was hoping to play today. This comes with a load of plastic miniatures. I am tempted to paint them but nt sure they are a priority. Although I had planned a play date, my mate is pretty sick so I didn't pursue the idea.
The other aspects of The New Cruelty have been achieved, with perhaps the exception of exercise. I have yet to come up with an exercise regime.  The dog also needs a bit more walking. After three good weeks of painting I am well ahead of the curve on the figure painting target so I am not too disappointed.

Next week is looking a little less busy. There is still plenty to do but there will be time to do it. The aim is to finish the ratlings and finish another five figures. This is a bit more of an ask especially as I don't have an idea about what to paint next.

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