Saturday, 16 June 2012


I've been to St Helens today for the Phalanx show. As a Widnesian I feel somewhat soiled by the experience and had to have a shower when I got in. Only joking. Phalanx is a good little show. I went with some of my mates (that's actual mates not "people I met"). One of them being Martin. I have passed the URL for this so I expect sudden sarcasm.

Critical Mass Games was in attendance so I spent a bit of money there and even took some pictures. i wasn't there long enough to play a game but did chat with a few of the people. I like their stuff and if you like Halo then the Arc troopers are for you.
I am still after some bits and pieces to dress up the tabletop. I have been after some lamp posts for a while but have always put off buying them because the tend to be really expensive. Critical Mass have some new terrain bits which had some and some few other bits and pieces. For £4 I thought it was a very good deal. They will work for all the genres I am working on at the moment.

I also got some laser cut terrain. For £8 I got a 1.5m of fencing which seems like a good deal. This is the first laser cut terrain I have purchased. I have some laser cut bases which were pretty good but I was mightily impressed. The only drawback was the smell. the smell? Imagine rancid burnt mackerel. When you get it out of the bag do so in a well ventilated room.
 There is a nice range of types. Short and long fences as well as small and large gates. I wish I had got some more now.
I will post more pictures as I get them painted up.


  1. The fences do look good. Be interested when they are painted up to see what they look lime

  2. Cheers Martin. I have looked at them close up and I have to say that they actually look quite good as they are. The cutting process has given them an almost creosoted look. I'll paint the bases to fit in with the rest of the scenary.