Saturday, 30 June 2012

Where am I going next?

I am looking at what to do next as I now have a lot of time on my hands. 

Most of my terrain is done. I still have some (some ish?) 15mm figures to do and there is still some terrain to sort out. Then there is the matter of basing. I have a traveller scout ship to finish but that strikes me as the kind of project that stops and starts as I have the iniative and the parts to do it.

I am tempted to move on to a new theatre of operations. When I was looking an Flames of War the Western and Eastern European battlefields were being considered. I already have much that I need but I think I am waiting for a little bit more and can't really afford any new stuff at the moment. This may well be my year of frugal gaming.

15mm zombies is the obvious answer is some more terrain, the craven need for flesh is not at the top of my agenda (although I really could go for an ostrich burger on an Unlucky Fried Kitten around now). I have some terrain to finish but need something to act as a roof.
X-Com is tickling me again. I wandered off in the middle of writing this post to play .......... back again. I've just knocked over an alien base and a harvester ship.

The Napoleonic thing is on my mind. I have spent a lot of time looking at Baccus but don't feel the urge to buy anything. Well that is a lie, but in my defence ........ . Where was I?

I also have an urge to do a post apocalyptic gladiators. This has been in the back of my mind for some time. I have worked out the bones of a rule set but don't have much in the way of figures. the plan calls for a lot of conversion of minis but little terrain. I would love to do this in 15mm but think it will have to be 28mm because the figures are out there and I don't want to do big conversions in 15mm.

Mmmm. What to do?


  1. 15 mm zombies.....

    You know you want to!!

  2. I want to but need to get the ones I ordered ages ago redelivered.

  3. Zombies. Definately zombies.

  4. Zombies are nice but the PA gladiators thing sounds pretty cool.