Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mecha Upright

As someone who seems dead set against battletech I seem to be making another post about combat mecha.

The trouble with it is that there are so many bits that it takes a long time to glue the little bugger together. Then because of the shape, you have to come at it from all sides with the spray paint to get a good coverage. I know that Lord Siwoc from Brains & Guts commented that it looked like a complicated build. Whilst not completely intuitive, it wasn't that difficult. I seem to have aquired some extra bits when I got it. I can't help but think it has a thorax part missing.

It kind of looks like me when I get out of bed and I am just trying to remember how my back hurts without provoking too much pain. Think I am going to have to crack it and reglue it. It might also make it possible to get to the parts other spray cans have missed.

Below are a couple of work in progress pictures. See It's easy.

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