Monday, 18 June 2012

A Slight Diversion or a Traveller Scout Ship

I have a few days off and I thought I would do a few things that have been on my mind to do. The two ideas I have were a small town hospital and a traveller ship. The hospital was in theory for a zombie game. I had been thinking about a few traveller ship for a while. Then I saw something about Traveller ships on The Miniatures Page talking about the idea.

The problem is that even a small hospital was is a large project. I had a look at the resources I had in the house and decided that I didn't have enough to do the hospital.

So the Traveller ship it is. I have used up a lot of foam core and pins the morning but I now have the super structure done.
I had a look for a deck plan and found a scout ship for Mongoose Traveller. The plan is is not my own work so I thought you might want to look at where it came from. Not quite the same as the classic Traveller ship but I thought it would do. I am not sure that I want to do the lower deck because it will involve doing the underside. I already have an old nozzle that I think will make a great turret.

I wanted a big objective fr Tomorrow's War and thought that this would be a nice addition to the starport that is on the way. I am worried now that I have bitten off more than I can chew.
This is the biggest and most complicated foam core project I have undertaken. There is a lot of foam core, glue and pins in this. I will see where it end up.

I did a few small craft templates as well. These will get done as well in time. Maybe I should have started with one of them.


  1. Nice model post some more when you have got some.

    1. will do Phil. May take a little bit of time.

  2. Looks great. If it makes you feel better, imagine what size it would be, if you'd build it for 28mm! :D

    1. To be honest into would be that much bigger. Still, all good fun.