Friday, 29 June 2012

6mm The Napoleonic Wars

It's a little off topic today. I had was 6mm. It was 6mm WW2 US and it was back in the early 1990s and now it's Napoleonics. I don't want to start another blog about it just yet so I might change the blogs raison d'etre again.

The trouble with Napoleonics is that there is just too much of it to take in easily. There are enough Osprey books to take up a long shelf. More to the point, I am finishing of a unit of cavalry that is going to have pink lapels. Pink? On a mini? Where am I really? Mars? Ash's blog?

Martin, Spike, if you read this we need to talk about the rules and organisations.

When I was playing the Napoleonic Wars we discussed using the game as a scenario generator. As the game covers the period 1805 to 1815 so this could be a lot of scenarios. I suggested that it would end up finishing some time shortly after I retire. I don't expect to be retiring early either. I kind of like this.

This is the way thing seem to work with my mates. Me Spike and Martin come up with an idea. We buy some figures. Then Spike and Martin go tangental and (and poop on) everything ends up on hold (with the odd exception). Then a few years later we pick things up again and put them down again. The only thing we seem to consistently play is D&D (or dad as I call it) and Idon't much care for that.
So I have been painting some more French cavalry.

I get to play the French because of my superior tactical skill and my ability to put up with getting picked on by my mates. They do not have my broad shoulders and will learn to love the taste of defeat (he said laying the ground for an EPIC FAIL). After last weekend I know Martin knows how to roll over and play dead. :-)

I wouldn't have pegged myself as a Napoleonic gamer a few years ago but I am having a change of heart.

I'll post some pics when the figures bare painted.

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