Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Iron Sky

I don't have that much to say about this film. If you like Weird War 2 you will love it. It is a pretty looking film. It's got some very nice visuals. It's plot isn't bad but it isn't that good either. It got panned by Rotten Tomatoes but they tend to pan everything.

The funniest thing in it is the right wing female president of America who looks like a decidedly like Sarah Palin. Well at least Palin isn't going to be president any time soon.

I don't see it making it onto the Lead Adventurers Forum somehow.


  1. I've been seeing clips from this film for ages while it was in development. Then it had a one day release at selected cinemas!! Fortunately its already out on DVD... guess what I'm getting for Fathers Day!

    1. Believe my when I say that I would sooner have socks. It's the kind of thing I would think about buying when it costs about a fiver at Tesco. Even then it would depend on what the alternatives are.