Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hey I Have Time on my Hands so it's More Terrain

This is just some odds and sods I am working on. I have just been toying around with stuff recently. most are still not complete but are pretty close.

I wanted some larger satellite dishes. the one on the left is Critical Mass and the one on the right is GZG.
I have been after some street lights for a long time. as to get model railway ones costs stupid money I have also thought about it and not done anything about it. Critical Mass have done me proud with these.

These are some toys from tesco. They are just a little too big for 15mm but I think I can live with that.
This statue is one of two I have in mind, the other being  Droyne for a campaign idea. The base is just foam core with pva and sand painted to the same colour as the rest of the terrain I have been doing. The figure is an old Brigadier Leightbridge Stewart Figure I have had primed for nearly 20 years. It seems like a good use for a miniature that seems to have passed it's sell by date.


  1. Good work. There is always need for more terrain!!!

  2. Think I need a new fkavour of terrain. Some dressing up of gthe buildings and a bit more flash needed so that they don't all look the same.