Sunday, 3 June 2012

Operation Prestwich

I haven't play Force on Force much since I got it due to a lack of opponenets. What I have played I have liked a lot. I got an oppoertunity a couple of weeks ago to play / referee a game (and a game of Trafalgar (for another post I think) and really enjoyed it.

I apologise for the quality of the pictures but light was in short supply and the flash did not help but actively hindered.

As I lack any painted figures that would as an enemy force I decided that I would turn it on it's head and run a game with what I have ready. So the army figures became the Texas National Gurad and the opponenets became the Texas State Militia. I have another idea for a series of linked scenarios revolving around a second American Civil war / New World Order setting.

The game starts with two teams of eight militia holding a small container port on the way into a small town. This effectively cuts off the line of advance. One team gets a law and that was about it. Reinforcements would trickle down as soon as the shooting starts. They got lucky and their TQ got moved up from D6 to D8 because of a fog of war card. Morale was D6. They also got a card which created a burning building. The figures were mostly Rebel Minis.

The national guard had two teams of four for the national guard recon and two two man special forces teams. The mission is to get into the container port and get rid of the opposition or if this is not possible find them and fix them so that artillery could do the final f and keep their heads down when the main force drives by. The troops were D8 TQ and a two man special force sniper team and another two man team with a SAW who were D10. Morale was D8 and D10 respectively They got a fog of war card which gave them a two man LAW team to give them a bit more punch. The recon figures were Rebel Minis modern Americans and the special forces were the Seals from Khurasan.

The National Guard were able to dislodge the Militia from their original positions with heavy weapon fire. For my money, the National Guard were a little too cautious in their movement and could have got very close very quickly but concentrating their heavy weapon fire at their primary target.

After three tunes without much happeneing some reinforcements for Militia arrived. They got a fog of war card and basically this blw any chance of them advancing towards the enemy. They spent the rest of the game hading in a building.

With only a few casualties on each side, the Militia were eventually driven out of the buildings and caught in the crossfire.

It was at this point we ran out of time and energy (the curry had kicked in) so we called it and give it as a marginal victory for the national Guard.


  1. Seems like a good little game. And this could encourage you to paint some more models to use!!

  2. I don't get to game as much as I would like and I really did enjoy this. I seem to have a lot of energy to divert to games over the last year. Over the last ten years it has been more about the modelling than the playing.