Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Buildings 2

Life has been a little busier than I would have liked over the last few days but today I have had chance to do some more work on the terrain I am working on. In between other things (mainly sleeping) I have been adding to the collection.
There are the three building that I have previously shown but now they have roofs and even one with a second story. There are a few smaller buildings to fill out some of the space on the table.  I have also put some ruins together. There are ruins with four walls and some parts of buildings. I have also put together four bridges which will hopefully fit in with the existing road sections I have.

As terrain goes it is middling. It's not all singing all dancing but it won't be all that shabby either. I have been going for the "quantity has a quality all of it's own". I see a lot of games with very sparse terrain which I always think lets a game down.

Next step is a thick coat of PVA and a dusting of sand. Then they will start to look a lot more like buildings. They will look fairly middle eastern but at the same time close enough to Afghanistan and good for a few SF games as well and ruins are always good for the apocalypse.

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