Friday, 15 June 2012

Urban Environment

I have a lot of desert style buildings now. The plan is to have multiple styles of buildings. Partly it can break up the existing terrain and maybe even give it a feel of their being districts. Mostly I thought it would be good for zombie terrain and maybe post-apocalypse as well. I was trying to remember what some of the buildings in Fallout look like.

This is the first stage of the building process and there is a lot of tarting up to do yet. I need to put some edging on the corners which just needs some painting and get some suitable windows and doors. Just one more order to place. Not to mention putting roofs on them.

I got some more of the plastic sheet to work with. Think I am going to make a few more buildings and particularly some two story buildings. I am working on the small town America vibe (maybe big village America).

I want to do some slightly more industrial buildings like a garage and maybe use some of the sand and PVA buildings but painting to look more appropiate.

I have the frame for a diner done as well which I think I am going to cover with tin foil if I can get it to work.

Now I am looking for some wooden church or something that I can make into something that looks like a wooden church.


  1. Sounds like a plan. Now off to make it true! :)

  2. I am finishing off my semi Afghanistan/SF terrain and then this is the next project. I am planning some more buildings to match these. A few more of these, maybe a bit bigger. I have been looking at X-com again. So I have a barn, a farmhouse and a warehouse planned. I would like to get some grain silos from somewhere as well.

    Then finish with the zombies.